Hallmarks are symbols impressed on gold and silver objects. Introduced in the 14th century, hallmarking represents quality control and consumer protection.

Maker's Mark
The Maker’s Mark is a personal sign of the silversmith and can be likened to an artist’s signature on a painting.

Sterling Silver Mark
The metal content is confirmed with the symbol ‘925’, which is the internationally accepted standard for sterling silver comprising 925 parts per thousand, or 92.5 percent of silver in the alloy.

Assay Office Mark
Each assay office has its own mark. For example, the cougar's head is the mark of the Kuala Lumpur Assay of Malaysia and the London Assay mark features a leopard's head. 

Date Letter
The date letter or year of assay is used to date an article, each year is represented by a different letter, with 'q' representing 2015. Each cycle is differentiated with a different typeface and shield.